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Welcome to Raeburn Primary School

R eaching the highest possible outcomes for children
A ccepting and embracing our differences
E veryone thriving in a secure, safe and happy environment
B elonging to our community and being a good citizen
U nderstanding that education is a precious gift
R especting ourselves and others by setting high standards
N ever giving up– learning from our mistakes

Last night, the Y4 teachers had a fantastic after-school boxercise class with #SFAcoaching . They felt so inspired that they decided to share their new skills with the Y4 children. #RaeburnYear4 #RaeburnPE

Architects of the future! In year 6 this morning we have been designing and creating structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows! The teamwork on display has been fantastic and the children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves! #RaeburnY6 #RaeburnDT

Year 5 have been learning about the solar system this week, researching facts and ordering the planets in both English and Spanish! #RaeburnYear5 #RaeburnScience #RaeburnMFL

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