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Welcome to Raeburn Primary School

R eaching the highest possible outcomes for children
A ccepting and embracing our differences
E veryone thriving in a secure, safe and happy environment
B elonging to our community and being a good citizen
U nderstanding that education is a precious gift
R especting ourselves and others by setting high standards
N ever giving up– learning from our mistakes

3MJ have been very active this morning. They have had an introductory lesson to hockey and have completed an active maths session. #RaeburnPE #RaeburnMaths #RaeburnYear3

3MJ’s beautifully unique artwork for ‘Send a Smile’. “Try to be a rainbow, in someone else’s cloud”. #RaeburnYear3 #RaeburnArt

Having designed their own ancient Egyptian headdresses, 5JA used foreground and background photo editing to see what they would look like on #RaeburnComputing #RaeburnHistory

Year 2 have read the lovely story 'Poles Apart'. We have been on a journey to the Arctic and found a lost penguin. We have looked at atlases to learn about the North and South Poles and we have been learning about Global warming. #RaeburnGeography #RaeburnEnglish #RaeburnPSHCE

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