Our Raeburn Citizenship Award

Our vision is for all children at Raeburn to enjoy their experiences with us and become life long learners. Our values underpin all that we aim to do in our school to ensure that everyone has the support and opportunities to thrive as a citizen throughout their life. Our Citizenship Award has been created to enable all of our children to understand these values. We endeavour to work alongside our families to encourage all children to develop and embed these citizenship qualities in all that they do.

Let’s all move forward together!

Working towards our Raeburn Citizenship Award

In order to work towards this award , we want our children to demonstrate the different qualities from our Citizenship tree across the year. This will begin in F1 right up to the time they leave us in Year 6 to move onto the next stage of their learning journey. We will promote different qualities each half term at Raeburn through assemblies, our broad and balanced curriculum and in our everyday interactions.
Each half term, children will need to collect three examples for each quality and record these in this booklet. Two examples will be from school and one will need to be recorded from outside of school which can be added in when booklets are sent home. Please only contribute to the relevant focus each half term.

The citizenship qualities are:

Autumn 1—Respect
Autumn 2—Kindness
Spring 1—Curiosity
Spring 2—Responsibility
Summer 1—Resilience
Summer 2—Positivity