Welcome to all our families of the children starting school at Raeburn in September 2020. As the children are not able to come for visits or story time sessions we have put together a virtual tour of the F2 base. We encourage you to watch this with your child to help them to prepare for starting school with us in September.

Part one:

Part two:

As we have not been able to have our welcome meeting for parents and carers please watch the presentation as this will give you lots more information about Raeburn and how we can work together to help you to prepare your child for starting school.


Thank you for returning the ‘All About Me’ booklets. This will help give the F2 staff lots of information about your child.

We are unable to share any dates with you at the moment but a member of F2 staff will be in contact as soon as we have more information and guidance for the local authority.

We hope you enjoy a tour of our classroom. We look forward to meeting you all as soon as we can.

Take care, stay safe

Raeburn Primary School